Friday, May 3, 2013

Twists, Trees, Turns and Rain

The ICW in South Carolina is probably a few nautical miles as the crow flies (OK, I exaggerate) but with all the windy turns it is like driving in Florida, it takes forever. Add that constant wind on the nose and now drizzle or rain, and the trip seems to be deteriorating.

On the 30th we travelled for 12 hours often with the wind in the mid 20's,constantly with our eyes on the depthsounder, raining on and off. Cocktail hour was gratefully held at Butler Island on the Waccamaw River, which is a favorite spot.

First thing in the morning we made reservations for Cricket Cove Marina in Little River. On this day's stretch you have little choice for anchoring, just Calabash Creek at Little River. This would be like anchoring in a kiddie pool, very little water or turning room. So we go big and stay here, where we thought we could get fuel at the dock, right on the ICW, and tie up to the face. But nooooo, the tanks were under repair so we had to go all the way in the marina, take on fuel, and turn around. Actually not so bad, as there were empty slips and it was about slack. Had a very good meal that we bought and took home purchased at Snooky's at the Marina. I wish it had been drink night, because they offer a cucumber martini. And I really could have used it, because we had a bit of drama today.

There is a couple mile stretch called The Rock Pile. I had described it as a narrow passage lined with boulders but that is not quite right. Instead of boulders, the sides are covered with what appears to be broken up cement gravel blocks, nasty and mean looking. You can fit a boat going North and one going South if both are considerate. This is not a good place to lose the engine. But we did.

Ran out of fuel. We seem to have this nasty habit which I had thought we had broken. But over the last few days we were running against the current and using more fuel than we usually do. So we got a surprise. No harm done after the Chinese Fire Drill, executed with aplomb.

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