Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Following our Cape Fear ordeal, we anchored at Wrightsville Beach and then travelled for six consecutive days with some form of precipitation--drizzle, hard rain, even hail. We managed to escape all of the thunderstorms, some just by minutes. We continued to do dumb things, like trying to cross the Neuse River with wind cranking in the mid 20's building up customary crappy seas. I ran aground a few times, one time smack dab in the middle of the channel.

At Swansboro, where we normally anchor despite all the warnings suggesting we consider otherwise, we tied up along the dock at Casper's Marina along with Arietta and Winsome, two boats we had been travelling with, randomly. (This day we redlined Mooch in order to get an hourly bridge opening that turned out to be the last opening of the day, as the bridge broke after our passage. We didn't do it.) We anchored the next day along the ICW, then tried the Neuse the next. Fortunately we gave ourselves a shake and turned into Broad Creek and the lovely River Dunes in Oriental, NC for some R&R and to catch up with friends.

Kim and Steve from Fine Lion, who live nearby, joined us for drinks and dinner at the marina restaurant. Mystery meat but excellent truffles which gave me a sugar rush that kept me awake all night. Or maybe it was the martini. The next night we dined elegantly at the Snyders; Steve is a superb cook and Kim does good dishes. They have a lovely home with lots of trophies, Kim being one. I have gotten lazy with the picture taking, but I did get a shot of their fishing float at the yacht club at Hog Cay in the Raggeds. LOL.

Two long days getting to Coinjock Marina are now behind us. The highlights of that part of the trip included an alligator citing, a large pod of dolphin feeding at our anchorage on the Alligator River, two very loud fighter jets flying back and forth, sideways, over us at the anchorage (this grew old when night fell), and the rainbow following a thunderstorm.

Tomorrow, the plan is Mile Zero. Can it get here soon enough?

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