Friday, May 31, 2013

Home At Last

We reached our dock on Mill Creek at 3:30 on May 10, having arrived at Fort Pierce over a month earlier, on April 9th. We had hoped to be home by May 1 expecting to find the daffodils blooming and plenty of time to unwind before our quarterly doctors’ appointments in New Jersey. The trip on the outside would have shortened our time by over two weeks, but we now can say we have done the whole ICW. I would not do it again, willingly.

As a matter of fact, we may not cruise again. There are too many distractions or should I say attractions at home, my need to dig around in the dirt trumped only by my Willow and Sullivan. We are anxious to travel, Africa and river cruising, a villa in Tuscany, an RV outing around the National Parks. Dance recitals and little league games. Neighborhood gatherings and family holidays.  Clean out the blue bird and martin nests. Watch our new eaglets take flight. A very long bucket list.
But never say never. Especially with neighbors who want to go cruising for the first time, and outings planned with fellow cruisers who inevitably will urge you to go, one more time. And a husband who still has the bug. The Western Caribbean, the Eastern Caribbean, the Berry Islands in the Bahamas, so many places to see for the first time. The October exodus passing by is hard to resist.

Time will tell…

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