Friday, April 12, 2013

Say Goodnight Elmer

I often tell people we have replaced everything on First Edition except for the toaster. Well, we recently figured out that that is not entirely true. After the lightning strike we replaced the autopilot brains, but not the hydraulic piston that listens to what the brain says and steers accordingly. We call this device "Elmer". God rest ye merry soul Elmer, that "crnsh crnsh" noise I detected on the crossing was not a good thing, so 18 years after being installed Elmer has given up. Our new Elmer will be installed here at Harbortown Marina, where First Edition is now resting comfortably between her girlfriends, Savage Son and My Destiny.

With the windex blue waters of the Bahamas behind us, I captured two shots of the very deep Atlantic Ocean where its 2,000 plus feet of water result in various shades of blue, but not windex:

To illustrate the type of year we had cruising in the Bahamas this year, check this out:

When in the Vero area, the social life of CLODS (cruisers living on dirt) hits its peak. Our first night ashore we dined with Greg and Judy from Colorado and My Destiny, after these good friends delivered three batteries to us from the Howells garage. Go try to pick up a battery; every time Peter and I do I wet my pants. Another sign of old age.

The next night we celebrated Barry's birthday with wife Susan from Night Hawk (the good kind of Canadians) at Jim and Nancy from Solitaire's lovely newish-home. One of their kitties wanted in on the cake; check out the look in her eyes to see if she was up to something.

Today is boat clean up day while we wait for new Elmer and Jay and Di, formerly of Far Niente-the boat and now of Far Niente-the RV to show up for more getting together. We missed Bob and Bev from Savage Son by less than a day; they are headed North to practice medicine and supplement Bev's jewelry budget for most of the summer.

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