Friday, April 26, 2013

Outboard Mechanic at Fernandina Beach

OK. So now where do we find an outboard mechanic? The Fernandina Municipal Marina is great, but they don't do any work. Years ago when our chartplotter crapped out we found a Raymarine electrician who turned out to be Mickey Mouse. But we didn't have Active Captain then. is a wonderful website where you can join, for free, and logon whenever you have internet service to find out cruiser reviews of anchorages and marinas, as well as their comments on hazards to navigation. We are lucky right now because we seem to be a day away from a very active poster, who also conveniently had outboard problems, and posted about his successful repair.

Well, we need to second the motion on Leroy Mobile Marine at 904-753-4056. We called him while underway to Fernandina (at 7:30 in the morning, and he actually answered the phone). Lee started his business four years ago but said he worked with outboards previously. He told us to call him again when we reached the marina. We did, he showed up about 15 minutes later, and took the engine away. An hour later he phoned and told us the repair had been made, but that he had also noticed that we had water in the lower unit as a result of faulty seals, and asked if we wanted that repaired as well. We did, and two hours later, he called and arranged to meet us back at the marina with a repaired outboard. Peter ran it around before he took off, and determined it was running like it was new. Lee told us to call if we had any problems, and said he would come to take a look, or, if the distance was too far, he would tell us to get another shop to do a further repair at his expense. We believe that he would have.

He also suggested that we have lunch at the restaurant by the marina. We had always thought it looked too commercial but on his recommendation, gave it a try. It was fabulous!

Also I'd like to mention that the Municipal Marina permitted us to tie up at the dock the whole time this was going on, for free. And they were very friendly about it.

Cudos to a lot of folks today.

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