Monday, April 15, 2013

More Frolicking at Vero

We are fortunate that Jay and Di Howell returned from one of their trips while we were still here.
We love the Howells and like so many other cruisers, are thankful for their friendship and matchmaking. We have made many wonderful friends they have shared with us, and enjoyed our trips with "The Entourage".

On our first night the Temples joined us for Peter's mahi, and we cooked up fish and shopping plans and began discussions about cruising on a canal boat some place in Europe. Brochures have been ordered! The next day we opened up the outlets, took a short break for lunch, then kept on bargain shopping right until cocktail hour. We broke for dinner at the place we only know as "The Italian Restaurant" where we watched the finish of the Masters while enjoying some pasta and great garlic bread.

The next morning, our jaws were sore from Di and Jay holding our mouths open and pouring alcohol down our gullets. With the hope of our auto pilot being delivered today, we returned to First Edition with regrets at leaving our good friends, as well as their air conditioning.

No sooner had we boarded the boat when Di called to tell us that she had just heard other friends were at this marina, and suggested we look them up. So, we are just back from drinks and dinner with Ron and Dawn from Dawn Treader, who incidentally, are the landlords of our friends from Veranda.
Passing friendships along continued with our meeting Web and Brenda from Plan B and Frank and Sharon from Sassy. And the beat goes on.

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