Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cumberland Island

About a 45 minute ride from the hustle bustle of Fernandina Beach, you can reach Cumberland Island National Park in Georgia. You will find lots of current, lots of room, wild horses, good long hikes, and lots of shells. Especially at low tide.

This trip we arrived late in the afternoon after our stop at Fernandina. We dropped the anchor, and made a quick trip ashore, with our fabulously running outboard. The wild horses greeted us without regard to our presence. A little further in we saw deer for the first time. Spring wild flowers were opening, a very different feel compared to our fall visits, but equally pleasant.

I had been hoping to get to Cumberland to pick up what I hoped would be a sufficient number of shells to border my planned-for project, a mirror for one of the guest rooms. I found my first whelk here when Southbound and hoped to find another. Hitting at low tide turned in a bonanza!

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