Friday, April 5, 2013

Black Point

From Pipe we held our breath leaving through to the banks on a high but falling tide. It was an interesting exercise taking up two anchors that had wrapped themselves in a loveknot around each other. While we were in the process, a boat bound for Staniel with four souls aboard on the way to work ran out of gas and drifted down on us. We donated a few gallons of gas to their cause and they eventually got on their way. Meanwhile, we had drifted over a reef and as I watched the depths decline to near our draft level, the rocks seemed to reach up to grab us. In the nick of time the depths started rising and we cleared the reef. Payback for being a good Samaritan.
A half hour later we had pecked our way out of the Creek and made our way to Black Point to do laundry. We had a nice visit with Ida and gave her a bunch of canned and dry goods that we did not use so that she could give them to a family in need. We get so much from the islands that whatever we give back does not seem enough. And we get the best Laundromat view in the world.

We had a pizza lunch at DeShamon’s where I finally was able to get a blog update posted.  Then we walked the beaches and as usual, had great luck with shells and sea glass, adding a perfect circular piece of amethyst to the collection. That night, with north northeast winds we had way too much wrap around seas and rocked the night away. 

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