Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pipe Creek

Is everyone tired yet of my posts talking about running from the wind or seeking protection from the westerlies? Well, it is usually a weekly event in the Bahamas, so it is not all about fun and frolics.
We are currently in the Exumas, and protected anchoring
spots are few and far between. We opted for Pipe Creek, where is is very shallow and fraught with reefs; we need to enter near high tide to get enough water to pass through. But this was our decision.

We got in with some gnashing of teeth but no touching of the bottom. Put down the anchor, and are quickly greeted by the boat next to us, telling us that everyone has two anchors out. We don't like to put two anchors out since Buster, our anchor, does such a good job, but when one boat puts out two anchors if you are close by, you must as well, so you all swing the same way. So we put out two anchors.

The best part of Pipe is that since the boats are so close together you are bound to make new friends. We farkelled with Paul and Mary on Merry
Sea, Donna and Jerry from Blue Jacket, and Floyd and Patty from Shangri La (farkel is a game; I lost).  Merry Sea has two dogs! Maggie, the twin sister of our dog friend Tinker Belle, and Jasmine. Two wonderful doggies with great owners.

The next night Free At Last put out a call to the anchorage for a Bash at the Yacht Club (another cruiser made up place where you hang up a bunch of sea crap and have parties), and the turnout was massive. We ran into Salty Turtle, which is an amalgamation of the former Gigi's Island and Oconee, whom we met four years ago. Gigi and Vic had just met and started cruising together and here they are, years later still out here. We met another Bob and Be, and there were a whole bunch of the Georgetown folk who are headed North and home. I am sorry but they are clique-ish. The female half of our host came to the Bahamas with another man on another boat and switched during the year. Heh, whatever works. She was more interesting than the crew from Georgetown.

For the entertainment at the party a mega yacht came into Pipe Creek. A mega yacht does not belong in Pipe Creek. It was traveling at about a half a knot and we think it was a new boat with a captain new at least to the Bahamas, and did not know that his Maptech charts were worthless. It was a hoot seeing a bunch of cruisers consulting with the crew about where they planned to anchor (on the flats), and generally, exchanging views about the quality of the Explorer charts.

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skip said...

I remember Merry Sea! Say Hi to Vic and Gigi. I'm sorry we didn't make it to the Bahamas this winter. It was a complicated trip! I heard you met our friend Joe (Onward) in Black Point. Hope that maybe we'll see you when you get back. Moondance is still in Vero Beach!