Sunday, March 10, 2013

Normans Cay

Before leaving Rock Sound we phoned Exuma Park where we hoped to get protection from the continuing northwest winds and were told there were 15 boats on the waiting list. Thinking the overflow would seek refuge in Normans, we decided we were comfortable where we were, without any reason to move.  And another trip into town could result in more eggs, bananas, and clean laundry.  Last year while we were gone 3T’s Laundry Mat (the word Laundromat does not appear in the Bahamian language) was opened---a mini Rockside Laundry like at Black Point. While there we ran into George and Nancy on Trumpeter, one of the original trailblazers, literally, of the Raggeds. What til they see Maxine’s Tiki Hut, they’ll croak!

Temperatures plummeted into the 60’s and the winter jammies, long pants, and sweatshirts were hauled out. We enjoyed the company of Dave and Donna from Pas de Deux for cocktails and stories, and the next day, moved on to Normans. Dave and Donna know Seale and Hank George from White Stone, whom we met at dinner with our architect Bill and his wife Catherine.

Norman’s Cut is like a little alley between Normans and Wax Cay, a streak of dark blue water defines the anchorage, bordered by reefs and sand bumps.  Comfortable for say 20 boats, that number surges to uncomfortable levels before a cold front approaches. We are there now.

We loved the restaurant known as MacDuffs or the Norman Cay Beach Club, but sadly, I will never taste their conch chowder made with curry and coconut milk again. Another millionaire’s dream is under construction, we’ll see how long this one takes and lasts. A renovation of the restaurant and cottages is underway, with additional housing planned. It’s such a beautiful place, wish them luck.

The airplane of the Carlos Lehder drug regime that sank during a raid still remains, although it is continuing to rust away to just a memory. The drug “factories”, Lehder’s residence and those of his staff are falling into total shambles. On the positive side, the coral here is struggling to make a comeback, and the flowering bushes, although overgrown, continue to display glorious blooms unbeknownst to most of us.

This is another spot that we love to visit, and somehow, hope to fit into daughter Beth’s itinerary if good weather should befall us.


Chris Guldi said...

I don't think Mcduff's is coming back. It's been closed a while now based on cruiser reports I have found on line.

It's the ONLY thing... said...

Thanks Chris for stopping by. MacDuffs will not be back but the resort has been purchased and while we were there the activity was promising.