Monday, March 18, 2013

Hawksbill to Warderick

From Norman's we had a quick trip to Hawksbill Cay, where we had not been for five years. We anchored outside of the mooring balls at the southwest end by the creek we had not noticed before. At low tide we ventured inside to find flats dry of any water, revealing treasures of conch and bright white West Indian chanks that clearly had washed back and forth over many years, lacking color and growth. I moved all the shells with live critters back into the deep water so that they could live yet another day, and continued following the stone cairns marking the trail.

This is a tough walk over a lot of razor rock so a walking stick and care are helpful. Upon reaching the sand banks, avoiding as much as possible of the mangroves poking their new shoots up through the sand, a short climb will lead to the eastern shoreline of the Cay, and one of the prettiest beaches in the Exumas.

Although we never seem to tire of each other's company, we decided to move to Exuma Park at Warderick Wells for their Saturday night pot luck and to hike over to the Sound to take a look at the monster 15 foot swell keeping travelers in port, unable to make through the cuts. The blow holes were spectacular, fueled with those large swells and a hefty wind chop. A blow hole is created when the water erodes the rocks, forming a hole that is exposed to the waves. A sinister howl results, along with a geyser-like spray of ocean turned to mist, which could be seen all the way into the mooring field.

A caution about buying internet at the Park: don't do it! At $15 for 24 hours but a very limited amount of megabytes, you will find you are quickly shut down. While trying to do one blog update, I was cut off in the middle of the unaccomplished task. And got nothing accomplished!

But don't miss Warderick Wells. The beauty of the park is worth the waiting list, there are tons of trails to hike, and a fantastic swap library containing hundreds of good literature and shoot-em-ups that my husband loves.

...posted many days later at Starbucks in Nassau, where internet is no longer free!

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