Saturday, February 16, 2013

Water Cay to Thompson Bay, Long Island

We said our goodbyes to Hog Cay and about eight hours later laid anchor at the north end of Water Cay. This is a beautiful spot. You can anchor right up to the iron cliffs and listen to the song birds as well as the nearby waves crashing on the reefs. It has been an interesting season of different birds and flowers than before. More bugs from the standing water from hurricane Sandy led to more birds and an abundance of flowering plants, including passion flowers. The hummingbirds, unlike those at home, were very curious and on several occasions flew very close to my face as if they were considering whether or not to rest on my cheek. Not at all skittish.

The anchorage was a bit rolly but as the night came upon us the seas settled. Nearing cocktail hour, we sighted a power vessel that we thought might be Utopia, and sure enough, they hailed us for happy hour. On the way to Utopia we passed Northstar, single handed by Fred, whom we met in 2009 at St. Mary's Georgia aboard Elan playing Mexican Train. As it turned out, Fred knew Utopia and joined us for cocktails as well. We had an enjoyable evening with Fred, Linda and Herb, who tried their best to get us to return to the Raggeds.

Speaking of the Raggeds, Julian, Maxine's son, was sited by a fisherman suffering with a failed transmission. He had rigged a sail and exhausted, anchored for the night, only to be dragged six miles into the ocean. The larger fishing vessel from Ragged, Cap'N Ryan, towed the skiff back home to a thankful island. And the party was on!

We have reached Thompson Bay where there are about 25 boats, a large number for Salt Pond although at least four times that number would fit. We understand there are now 300 boats at Georgetown!

We sat through six loads of laundry while sharing the world's best Phillie Cheesesteak and finally getting pictures posted to the blog. Lots of folks here getting ready to head to the Jumentos after the imminent cold front passes. Next for us: any place but Georgetown.

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