Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Southside Bay

Despite the success of many near the Hog Cay anchorage, Peter decided he wanted more than mini lobsters at the end of his spear, and with settled weather in the predictions, we headed for the two hour sail to Southside. On arrival we found 3 catamarans and rolly seas, and new scenery.

We opted for a beach walk and it would appear that no one had thought of that this season. Without much searching or any digging we found a hawkwing conch, 11 hamburger beans, a shell we have never seen before but which we think is a mouse cone, 3 star shells, numerous tellins and immature conchs, and a very bleached out cowrie, all along the shoreline on the Bay.

Tomorrow we will go ahunting. With Veranda home earning a living and Chris on Synergy boatbound with a pierced ear drum the position of Lobster Master has been earned by Bill on Puddlejumper. Our friends on Blue Bay were on the way to earning the title but ran back to Georgetown for family duty. There it is again, life getting in the way.

Our daughter Beth could not come soon enough for me. I am running out of coffee. (And as I drink coffee with flavors like Hot Buttered Rum, I won't find any until we make it home, or Beth comes toting a supply.) Woe is me.

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