Friday, February 8, 2013

One More Day at Southside

Today was a great day. We got to see a picture of Sully, our seven month old grandson, and got lucky with an 18 inch lobster, maybe six pounds or so.

I didn't say we caught it.

Cruisers are great, and lobster hunters actually enjoy the thrill of the hunt. We barely know Dave on Dyad, and after our not-so-terrific outing on the reefs this morning, Dave came by and gifted us with monster lobster, as big as the one our friend Jay speared with his machete during a morning walk two years ago.  I tried refusing (half heartedly) but he insisted, as they have more than they can eat.

Today the Captain Sea, the mailboat, arrived in Duncantown. This means our grocery orders were ready, so we took the very long and uphill climb into town to visit the school for internet with the intention of posting pictures (no go). We had placed our order with Maxine last week and picked up two bags of romaine, 3 heads each, a papaya, a bunch of bananas, six oranges and six grapefruit. Forget what I asked for. This is what I got. Sooner or later Maxine will tell us how much we owe her. I long for watermelon, and real milk, the kind you all have at home in your refrigerator. Oh, and a supply of flavored coffee. I will even pay cash.

Tomorrow we will give it another try before limping back to Hog and the inevitable question "How many did you get?". I think Pinocchio may have been conceived here.

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