Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Last Trash Burn

A whole bunch of boats came in today, and a whole bunch left. No word on Maxine's son, and every one is laying low, not calling for a status report. After four days, well, can good news come?

We went into the club for a final burn before we depart tomorrow. West winds are coming, and with so few spots to get protection, a party on hold, and ants in our pants after nearly a month here, we plan to haul anchor tomorrow. We will listen to our weather guy, then decide where to go.

Tonight was another green flash night. For some reason, seeing the green flash is a regular event here in the Jumentos. Just as the sun falls below the horizon, some phenomenon causes what looks like a mini green explosion of light. It was a good one tonight, following a great one two nights ago. I think tonight's was the first for a lot of people, making it kinda special.

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