Monday, February 11, 2013

Boat Watch in the Jumentos

Even in Paradise things can go wrong. The local Bahamian, Maxine, who supplies us with groceries and basically runs Duncantown, has been waiting since Friday for the return of her son. Julius was due back from Nassau where he had made a delivery in his 21 foot open skiff. The trip should have taken 8 hours in this type of boat. The weather was calm but had turned windy. A sadness hangs in the air.

We are so lucky to have the support of the US Coast Guard when things go wrong for us at home. Here there has been support from "the authorities" looking for Julius but the resources available are very limited. Since Friday night we have seen only one small airplane, and who knows if they were part of the search party.

Last year Maxine's daughter had a stroke and she has been travelling back and forth to Nassau to care for her and her grandchildren while her daughter recuperates still. She only recently returned here to Duncantown in order to prepare for her annual Valentines Day Party, which is obviously on hold.

Please say a prayer for Maxine and her son, the father of four.

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