Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Jumentos

Technology has tried to catch up in these remote islands of the Bahamas. For some it has succeeded, for others, well I guess you have figured that out. We were here two years ago with a group of friends who  are for the most part not here. A lot has changed but much is the same.

You still go commando or wear your underwear inside out on day 2. The sheets get changed every so often, not weekly. You eat the outside leaves of lettuce and the tops of the tomatoes, you give up bananas and all fruit but apples and citrus. You use ice cube trays to make ice. You seek out new and exciting ways to eat cabbage. Although unintentionally, you swim with sharks. You burn your garbage, and eat canned food.

This time you still hunt lobster, but you can also buy it from Monkey Man who shows up most days with two pound tails for $5 each. The "yacht club" now has a roof, and permanent tables and seating. As in Georgetown, there seems to be a regime change. Every one finds a Mary Bean, except for me. But I now have two, given as gifts. The roof of the school cafeteria blew off in Sandy, so I don't know how you get internet other that the slow version I am using at the boat. You now call Maxine the grocer on your cell phone, not the VHF radio.

We arrived here on January 16th, two years to the day since our last visit. It is different without our old friends, although we have made many new ones. I wish everyone could be here.

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