Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schedule of Events at Hog Cay

Today I am making bread and I washed out my underwear, rinsing it in water accumulated in the dinghy during the last rain and drying it on the lifelines. Most others have joined Cookie Monster on their big boat trailing the dinghies to Ragged Island, for lunch at The Bonefish Lodge. Hopefully Monkey Man will swing by this afternoon and we can buy fish for dinner.

It is a lovely day with a soft breeze, promised to kick up to the 20's gusting 30 over the next day or so. Just in time for Klaus's birthday party Saturday night at the yacht club. Then Sunday, Fikel and some townies will pick us up for a Superbowl Party, cracked conch and lobster, chicken wings, and all the sides, to be washed down with Kaliks. I calculate two Kaliks = one glass of wine and I don't care to hear differing theories. (Kalik is the local Bahamian beer.) I don't know how I will stay up that late but I am hoping someone brings a cattle prod. You might see a commercial Bahamas Tourism shot in Georgetown right after we left. If it is not beautiful you owe it to yourself to get a new TV.

This afternoon we will take a seaglass walk near low tide then hunker down for the next blow. Signal not good enough for pictures, and right now, no gmail. Soon come.


S/V Veranda said...

We are sooo missing the Bahamanian Superbowl party....

Mary Ann said...

Your "Kalik Math" is correct! Happy Super Bowl.