Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long Island Bahamas Dining Out

 Chez Pierre is a wonderful restaurant run by a cranky French Canadian serving Italian food. You will need a car and head north, looking for his sign. Follow the dirt road until you hit it. Pierre will invite you to his self serve bar and take your order, correcting your pronounciation and handing out snide remarks. His appetizer of baked olives is better than you can expect, but save room for any of his salads, a large can easily serve two. The Caesar with bacon is incredible. This was our third time there and once again I ordered the veal al Limone (say Lee Moan or don't order it). This time the veal was a tad tough but if you just asked for a plate of his sauce you would be satisfied.
The next night one of the cruisers arranged a buffet at Triphina's old restaurant, she has leased it out to others now. Ten boats showed up to find Triphina greating us with no buffet. Enough said on that.
Saturday night Long Island Breeze hosted a bring your food for a BBQ with the Breeze providing a cash bar. This event was well attended by the cruisers and locals and Ted, one of the cruisers, played his guitar and sang cruising melodies, Robin provided the S'mores, and everyone shared good friendship and stories.

                                  Jackie and Mike in a rare moment of civility to each other.
                                           Great wiener roasting sticks provided.

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