Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If I Can't Have a Dog, how bout an Iguana?

My New Year's Resolution:
Get an Iguana.
From Little Bay we left along the Banks, waiting for the wind to die down and for slack at Galliot Cut. A good plan. Several hours later we followed Blue Heaven with their Explorer Charts on their Plotter into Adderly Cut by Lee Stocking Island, and headed for the anchorage at Leaf Cay. We paid homage to the local residents, numerous iguana (s?) who charge out of the underbrush at the first site or perhaps sound of an approaching dinghy, in search of handouts. I can report that Costco multigrain cracks trump cabbage leaves, and at times, I wished I had opted for something more vegetarian. It is not a good practice to feed the wildlife, but I did any how.
 The following morning we threw caution to the wind (!!!) and followed Al and Arleen through waters which at low tide would have us stranded to get to their favorite beach, which they have dubbed "Twin Beaches".  Located near Williams Cay, at low tide the sea glass is washed up at your feet and if you are quick, you can grab it before it is reclaimed by the receding waves.

We also got to witness what was either a Ray Convention or a Love-In. Several rays gathered near each other, then one would drop out and swim away, only to have another gain entry into the magic circle.

This is a lovely spot, and although I now have waypoints marking how to get here, I doubt whether I would undertake the expedition without a leader with the right charts. Arlene got this shot of First Edition as the sun set on yet another fulfilling day in the Bahamas.

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