Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hiking Georgetown

One of Georgetown's attractions is the ability to walk many trails, some strenuous while others are just a good walk in the park. The views from up high are pretty breathtaking. This is where we had anchored over by Monument Beach, also known as Hamburger Beach.

You can also find a good clinic in town, and a cab ride away on Thursday you can see Dr. Fox for whatever ails ya. I went in for my quarterly blood work. Bring a good book and be prepared to spend your day here. The receptionist either does a good job of triage or the locals get served first. I think Dr. Fox might also pull teeth as a formidable implement unrelated to a medical practice was on his examination side table.

At sunset, it is the practice to blow your conch horn, hopefully longer than the other guy. Peter does a pretty good job. Blair from Strathspey was in the anchorage and blew his Pipes again for us all.

One day of hiking we found a whole bunch of great shells, as we hit it at low tide. The next day, encouraged by our harvest the day before, we tried again, only to find someone had been there before us, as evidenced by the telltale footprints that had not been washed away by the high tide.
At the top near the Monument you can get a great shot of the "holes" where some folk rent a mooring for short term or long term storage or just to hang on one instead of anchoring. Kavali House also has a small marina in one of the holes, where you can dock your boat while you fly home for a spell in leaving your boat in a very protected haven.

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