Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Salt Pond on Long Island

One of the great things about getting to Georgetown is that your next stop can be Long Island. You don't want to be here when SW winds blow, but at all other times it is a place called Paradise. When people talk about Long Island, they are generally referring to Thompson Bay on Great Salt Pond although there are other stops here, notably, Clarencetown, down South and west for jumping off to the Eastern Caribbean.

We arrived along with eight other boats to join the four already here, including Synergy and Discovery. Leaving Georgetown around seven, we sailed over to Joe Sound,  the less traditional route, hoping for fish for dinner. Here, you are wise to fish only in the deep water, otherwise you risk catching cinguatera, a fish toxin that can lead to numb extremities, paralysis and the big one, death. (The reef fish in the shallow feast on the algae on which it grows. Or something like that.)
No fish were caught by any of the boats in our flotilla, which were soon to become our newest friends.

One of our attractions here is the Long Island Breeze, where Jackie and Mike have put together a fantastic casual resort with an excellent restaurant (serving the best Phillie cheesesteak and Lobster fettucine), a Laundromat with dryers that actually dry your clothes, showers, internet, a swimming pool, and a rental car for $50 per day. Nearby are the two grocery stores, and Marcie's, where you can, and I did, get a great haircut.


We rented a car with Seabiscuit so that they could see the Columbus Monument and we could look for sea glass. The trip to the Monument is just something you need to get out of the way. The road up there is tortuous, and unless you have a four wheel drive, stupid to attempt. It is a strenuous walk up. But once there you have done it. It is one of the several places that claim Columbus's stop in the New World, and I wonder how they can figure out the date of arrival.

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