Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Gtown is the epicenter of cruising activities in the Bahamas. Well, it used to be. One could grow weary of hearing the same boats hailing other same boats, discussing the same topics over and over. But it looks like everyone who was anybody has swallowed the anchor, or chosen some other location to organize. It is quite peaceful here now. Except for the significant number of French speaking Canadians who perhaps are the next generation of organizers here. Even Dabbler is gone, and is now "Dab Blah". Oy.

Not much has changed in town. Julius is still providing computer services and a 15 cents a minute phone call to the US. In 22 minutes someone from Medicare will eventually come on line to tell you you need not apply for Medicare if you already receive Social Security Benefits. Exuma Markets is still providing reasonably (sic) priced groceries, and Sandpiper is still selling her painted tiles, like the ones I purchased and George the tile guy installed in our guest bath.

On New Year's Eve Marilyn and Carl invited us for celebration and hors d'oeuvres with Blue Heaven and Sea Biscuit. Synergy stayed at home under quarantine with Chris in the early stages of The Crud, and Karen suffering a relapse. The Crud seems to be circulating around the harbor and seems like the flu, food poisoning, and a horrible chest cold all rolled into one nasty mess. We made it to Sailor's Midnight and complimented ourselves on old age common sense and early bedtimes.


skip said...

I'm living in the Bahamas vicariously through your blog! We're stuck in Vero Beach while Skip battles an infection in his hand. We still hope to get over there maybe in February.


It's the ONLY thing... said...

Harriet, we have been following Skip's hospital happenings, etc. and hope you get here. Plenty of room!