Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We were growing weary of sitting around at Lake Worth, so we became optimistic about the weather forecast and heard the lower part of the ranges predicted. 15-20 knots can mean 20 knots gusting higher and increasing in squalls, and 4-5 foot seas can mean, well this time, 8 feet coming from different directions. It is not like me to expect the best. But I did, and was really looking forward to a night sail and a trip to Miami. Our friends on Synergy and Discovery are already there, and planning a possible departure for the Bahamas the next day. No hanging around waiting for a window!

We arose at 2:30 am and Peter commented that it seemed like it was really howling. I reminded him that was expected but it would settle. Around 3 am we were exiting the inlet with a tide opposing the wind, so First Edition became a bucking bronco, but I was sure it would stop once we cleared the inlet. At 4 am I took a Stugeron tablet (anti seasickness) without even being encouraged by the captain. At 5 am I puked. My first serious mal de mer ever. And only eight hours to go.

This was a miserable trip. But it was not until we reached the anchorage that we realized we had ripped out the UV protection from the genoa. Well, actually Chris on Synergy pointed it out to us. We were so oblivious at sea we had not noticed, even when taking the sail in.

The good news is our friends aren't leaving yet and it seems we may have found someone to do the repair pronto.

Sailing: 5% exhilaration, 5% terror, 90% boredom.

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