Thursday, December 6, 2012

Venetian Causeway by South Beach

The opportunity to cross to the Bahamas evaporated, so we remain here in Miami. We are actually anchored between the islands near the Venetian Causeway, Rivo Alto and Di Lido in particular. A short distance away is Belle Isle, where most of the cruisers congregate but this spot is more protected and less rocky. We are here with Synergy and Discovery, and we remet Al and Arleen on Blue Heaven, whom we first exchanged boat cards with in Nassau a few years back.

With the help of a wonderful tech at SeaLevel I have solved my driver problem for Sailmail, and Carl from Discovery has helped us figure out our Bad Boy wifi booster. The genoa is now repaired thanks to UK Sails on S.W. 31st Avenue and an incredible turnaround time, albeit at a price. After paying the $50 cab ride there, we figured out it would be cheaper to rent a car, and Enterprise Car Rental delivered one to the sail loft.

This location is very special. For years I had read about the horrors of anchoring in Miami, with the authorities chasing you away after a short stay. We have never had a problem, and enjoy the proximity of shopping, movies, a laundry, and Publix and the beauty of the night skyline.

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