Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thomas Cut at Pipe Creek

Peter and I left solo for a night or two at Pipe Creek, with Blue Heaven following the next day. At low tide there is an abundance of shells, sea glass, and sand dollars, some out in the open and some on beaches requiring a little local knowledge and fortitude to find them. We were not disappointed.
It just didn't feel warm enough to snorkel, although this is a great spot. We like to get to Pipe through Thomas Cut, which is deep and wide, and anchor off of the  "yacht club" pictured above. The water is around ten feet or more and there is room for about four boats. If you are brave and have good eyesight, you can cross over the reef to the south behind which most of the boats anchor, coming in from the banks on a long and often shallow route which we would only take at high tide.
The water is so clear you can spot loads of sea life just  by looking overboard.

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