Monday, December 17, 2012

Nassau to Shroud

While in Nassau, we returned from our traditional Chinese dinner to find a "love note" from a boat a few slips down by the name of Strathspey, requesting that we quiet our halyards. Apparently, the noise of our clanking lines had kept them awake all night. Not knowing what kind of greeting I would receive, the next morning I dropped by and apologized and made the acquaintance of Canadians Blair and Mary. Strathspey, a Tartan 35, was returning for their second visit, the first having been in 2007. 

Upon departing Nassau we were greeted with winds 17-24 knots from the southeast, sufficient for a rollicking sail over to Shroud Cay. Blue Heaven had left a little while before us, and as we slowly caught up to them it was quite clear a race was underway between us. Except it wasn't Blue Heaven; it was Strathspey, one fast boat. In big winds our halyards really make a racket. I hope they enjoyed our music as they were most often behind us!

We anchored at Shroud and the next morning finding it to be high tide suggested a mangrove exploration. In the past we have found abundant sea life but this time, nothing. Peter was able though to give the island native a good idea by deftly planting a light bulb in his cranium.

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