Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Bay

The morning after the front came through we had had enough of  rolling around and a sleepless night, so we hauled anchor for a 45 minute jaunt to peace and comfort around the bend at Little Bay. Herb and Linda on Utopia, whom we had chatted with at Black Point, also saw the wisdom in the move, and hailed us with an invitation for Christmas dinner aboard their vessel.

Photo compliments of Blue Heaven.

Herb and Linda have been together for a little over a year and are what we would describe as a "colorful couple". Herb is not shy about sharing their exploits, some times at Linda's embarrassment, and has quite a background. An Austrian, Herb shared tales of the Nazis and WWII, serving aboard the Bounty, the sailing vessel recently demised during Hurricane Sandy, and starting a Ministry for Wayward Boys. Herb has fought with sharks and Colombian drug runners, and has an arsenal onboard even our friend Jay would envy. He has a lovely singing voice and is entertaining without it.

On our first night at Little Bay we hosted the gang for cocktails and laughs. The following morning we took a good long walk to the beach on the Sound and had a good sea glass harvest. Christmas Eve Blue Heaven hosted us all for dinner, and afterwards Peter and I exchanged gifts in front of the Yule Log.
Our Christmas Dinner aboard Utopia was nothing less than a feast. Herb prepared enough Christmas Schnitzel, as Arlene termed it, for the Bahamian Army, along with the best and unusual potato salad ever. Herb and Linda regaled us with songs Herb had composed and some extemporaneous jamming. Quite a delightful evening shared with new friends, and more Christmas memories in the Bahamas.

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