Friday, December 14, 2012

High Water at Nassau

Come hell or high water everyone seemed intent on leaving Dinner Key to make a crossing on December 12th. Our weather guy had been promising benign weather, but at 6:30 in the morning when we talked to him, he cautioned us to wait until the winds had died down to 10 knots for two hours at the Fowey Rock buoy before taking off. Synergy, Blue Heaven, and Discovery decided to throw caution to the wind and take off at sunrise since the grib files, Chris Parker, Windfinder, and Passagemaker all forecast a decrease in the velocity, which I would describe as slightly less than howling. First Edition, with fresh recollections of Barcelona (my granddaughter's word for upchucking, it's a long story) decided to hang back and wait for Fowey Rock to signal kind seas.

So, four hours later the wind in the anchorage had died down a bit and we took off. We hail Cookie Monster who we had been talking to about crossing, and Corbett reports that Fowey Rock is 23 knots! Oh, what the hell, we are already on our way, and good changes are in the making. Exiting the Biscayne Channel became increasingly "interesting" and we proceeded nevertheless. Cookie Monster stayed behind. We hailed Blue Bay and Night Hawk and found that they were transiting the inlet and would be out there with us. It's always good to have some one to talk to.

And so began a 26 hour journey. Winds did die, seas did decrease, and unanticipated lightning flashes stayed North. At night the nearby skies were illuminated with mast lights and falling stars. We missed the chatter we enjoyed during our last eastbound crossing with "The Entourage", but were favored with 15 knots or so of wind on a beam reach.

We arrived at Nassau Harbor Club around 1:30 in the afternoon to find our friends all settled in, no bouts of Barcelona, but little movement undertaken below decks.

The answer to the burning question many of our cruising friends are aching to ask: ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY DAYS. Big smile.

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