Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dinner Key

We arrived in Dinner Key, which is not in the Bahamas, and neither are we. Stronger weather than forecast kept us from leaving, but every one wanted a change in scenery. So we moved south for about an hour and a half and picked up a mooring at the Dinner Key Marina.

To enter the mooring field you have to head west into the marina via the Dinner Key Channel, pass the marina, then head east into the mooring field to avoid the shallows. We saw plenty of water for our 5 1/2 feet. Synergy, a Baba 40 drawing 6'6" was told to choose a spot near the #10 marker; during their last visit here they sat on the ground at low tide. The mooring field is intended for boats up to 40 feet, although we don't seem to be the only boat exceeding that limit. It seems to be a "don't ask, don't tell policy".

We went in for lunch with our travelling group and Arlene and I found a great casual clothing store where we made a few buys. Dinner Key has a load of little boutiques and something called the Coconut Walk, where there are more stores that we missed. There is a park with a walking/running track and various pieces of exercise equipment (bikes, weights, stuff I know little about.) Within walking distance there is a Home Depot, a supermarket, and closeby is a Fresh Market. A free water taxi runs on the hour. Near the dock are private showers.

We will try again tomorrow to cross the gulfstream and get to Nassau after a two night stay here.
Longing for aqua water.

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Mary Ann said...

Looks like you might call it FOOEY creek!