Monday, December 31, 2012

Black Point

We left Pipe with Blue Heaven and hoped for fresh fish after the couple hour ride to Black Point. Not a bite. We rushed in to Rockside Laundry and were greeted by Ida as if we were family, "First Edition, how did the house come out?". Ida is one hard working lady, and as I have said before, you could eat off of her floors. We handed over our $21 for 3 loads of laundry, and chatted about her kids, her weight loss, and building a house in Virginia. If everyone ran a business like Ida did, there would be no worries here in the Bahamas. Or anywhere for that matter.

We stopped in to say hello to Lorraine at her Café and she tells us business has been very slow. We dropped in at her Mom's house for bread, and Mom is now weaving as well as baking.

We made the mistake of sitting out a front here at Black Point with the NW winds sneaking around the corner and rolling us all over the place. But we had to have our walk at the Black Point beach, where I scored bigtime with this shell, which I think is a mini triton, about 4 inches long. And you have to see this Halloween bean in person as the picture does not do it justice. Blue Heaven found a good unoccupied helmet, which is a type of conch shell.

Most of the town was closed down as during any holiday the folks head to Nassau to be with family and the Rosenzweigs, who are headed to Atlantis and Junkanoo. Donna and Alan and eventually their two boys would spend every Christmas Eve with us at our traditional party until one year when we both had made travel plans.  Peter and I were in Nassau pushing my aunt around in her wheelchair and happened upon their Junkanoo parade when we heard "Aunt Doris!", and turned around to find Donna behind us. Donna, hope you are enjoying your vacation as much as we are.

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