Thursday, November 15, 2012

R38 Matanzas River

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that we anchored by R38 on the Matanzas River. Apparently this used to be shallow but the daymarker was moved so we did not see any skinny water. We pulled west of the red and anchored in 12 feet of water at low tide. Not protected but winds were 15 or less and the holding was good. Bad Boy, our new internet booster, found us an unlocked signal so we enjoyed pulling down information on today's trip from Active Captain. This site is put together by a boater who has now aligned with Garmin (!) and has great info about marinas, anchorages, shallow spots, and boat goodies.

It is another dreary day with limited visibility but good currents are running so we can put miles behind us and find the end of this trough that is hanging over our heads.

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