Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving On to Peck Lake

Sadly, Savage Son has been unable to beat their overheat problem and they encouraged us to get a move on. So reluctantly, we left the Vero Beach Municipal Marina and dropped anchor a few hours later off Bob and Bev's marina at Fort Pierce where they had met Civil Twilight at our suggestion. The greatest part of cruising is making new friends and sharing them, passing along good companionship. So, that night we dinghied in for cocktails and dinner with Gerry, Al, and the Savages.

Today is Nov 27th and we are anchored at Peck Lake where on two previous occasions we have found wonderful cowrie shells. This time, no luck. But we enjoyed a good walk on the beach and found some less spectacular additions to our collection.

The chart shows no water here at Peck Lake, but we follow Skipper Bob's Cruising Guide and cut in off the ICW south of #19 to find a narrow strip of deep water, in excess of 10 feet. A short dink ride will lead you to a path to the ocean and some good exercise, if not a cowrie.

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