Friday, November 30, 2012

Lake Worth

From Peck Lake down the ICW to the anchorage at Lake Worth there are seven bridges. Three open upon request (request may mean the guy will open it when he feels like it) and four at a specified time (which may also mean when the guy feels like it). The bottom line to transiting this area is, be careful. If the currents are going with you you may need to circle in a very narrow freeway, or master the art of going in reverse in a straight line. You should also do your calculations before you leave your anchorage, figuring how long it will take you between bridges, that way you can either hurry up or ride with the current and little forward speed. Just a recommendation. Some bridgetenders are accommodating, but most are plainly just pains in the ass and napoleanonic. If you get the picture. There is no rude word capable of describing the bridgetender at the 707 bridge.

Boat name of the day observed: Aloha Friday. Love it.

We managed to anchor smack dab in what looks like a channel here in North Lake Worth although where it goes is beyond me. We are in front of Plan B, a Hunter sailboat that dragged down on our friends on Civil Twilight causing major damage without accepting any of the blame. It appears that in the year we have been off of cruising there has been talk of an anchorage fee for boats located in a certain area (see the Skipper Bob guide, or ignore it like my Captain did). In any event, most of the boats are anchored away from us on the other side of the "channel", except for dummies on Plan B and us. Hmmm.

Heading Northwest from the anchorage you will come to an area that cruisers have designated the landing area. Lock your dinghy! At high tide you will be knee deep. Walking west you will come to a Publix where you can sneak your garbage into their dumpsters. There is plenty of shopping here but you will have to walk a piece and you will find aa good burger at Duffys. Don't mail anything in the drop mailbox in the Publix strip mall, two times it has taken several months for my mail to reach its destination. Hopefully we will find another or there will be no joy in Mudville for our children during the holidays. (Speaking of Mudville, we watched Moneyball the other night. Fantastic. I wish my aunt had seen it.)

Incidentally, our first year of cruising we entered the Lake Worth inlet and anchored in what is now known to us as the South anchorage. No wonder we didn't meet many cruisers, until we figured out there was a North anchorage. Duh.

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