Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cumberland/Fernandina/Made Up Anchorage by R38

On Sunday the 11th we set anchor by Cumberland Island right behind Civil Twilight, whom we have not seen for two years. At one time I knew what civil twilight meant but forgot by the time I met Gerry and Al, who reinformed me: "that time of day right after sunset and right before sunrise when twilight is the brightest". I try to use that term whenever I can. It's so cool, and a great time of day.

Cumberland Island is also very cool. There are hiking trails, a beach with tons of cool shells, including whelks which I owned zero of until this visit, wild horses once owned by the Carnegies and let loose by their mistress's upon her death years and years ago, and ruins to explore. There are trees older than us, elegant covered by spanish moss.
We love this place.

On the second night we had dinner aboard C.T. Gerry is a great cook and Al is a hoot with beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately we spend little time together since they hang in the Abacos where they charter their boat, as they do in the summers near their home in Maine.

The next day we moved to Fernandina Beach. I love hearing the captains call in to the marina there. Men seem unable to pronounce Fernandina (including mine, at least in the days of yore). As remote as Cumberland is, in town here is high class shopping and Freds, where you can by anything you want. We finished our holiday shopping and that monkey is now off of my back.

We now have a thing on board our boat that you should NEVER EVER EVER HAVE: a schedule. We are trying to get to Vero Beach where many of our friends live or have already arrived, in record time. So, on today's voyage we spent 10 hours getting to our current anchorage about an hour past St. Augustine, another cool destination we will miss this trip.

So, this big butt sport fisher asks us today for a slow pass, (more on this some other time) and as he mosies on by I note her name: "Useless". I hail the captain and observe that his wife must have named his boat. He comes back and advises me she is named after his wife, and later confirms that he isn't kidding. I think that's a stitch. I am sure Mrs. Useless enjoys a large jewelry box.

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