Monday, May 2, 2011

The Push to Get Home

We left Great Bridge to make the 7:00 lock opening, and with full knowledge of northerly winds on the Chesapeake we continued, nevertheless, for our trip north to Mill Creek. NOAA had promised the day before that although the winds would be 15-20 from the north, they would drop to less than 10 before noon. Today's forecast said the decrease would occur "late", with seas of 3-4 becoming 1-2 by early afternoon. Although the definition of what is "late" is wide open for interpretation, the scholarly sailor would put two and two together and believe that the decreased seas are a function of wind velocity. I guess we failed that course.

The wind never dropped, and duh, neither did the seas. We passed on our back up plan of cutting into Mobjack Bay when we did some math and considered the ten miles in then ten miles out of Mobjack, the odds of our speed remaining at 4.5 knots, and the possibility that "late" would happen soon. Although the seas were rough, we really weren't uncomfortable but it was another long day as we chugged along, sometimes under 3 knots when a big one wallopped us. Twelve hours after departing we pulled into Jackson Creek at Deltaville.

We slept in, being only a few hours from Mill Creek. Once at the dock to take on fuel we ran into Marilyn and Carl on Discovery, and chewed the fat with them for about an hour before taking off. We sailed for a while, then pulled into Mill Creek anxious to see our new home in progress. We found it well along, complete with framing and a roof. A quick walk around was followed by dinner with our neighbors and long time friends, Vickie and Len, who had completed their construction during our winter holiday.

Life is pretty damned good.

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S/V Veranda said...

Next time use the phone-a-friend option. We'd have told you to take the day off. The next day we had 5 knots outta the south and dead flat seas......Hope the house feels like you thought it would.