Friday, April 22, 2011


After a few days of reacquainting ourselves with the United States of America, including dinner with the Howells and the Temples, we continued our support for Enterprise Car Rental and took off for parts unknown to most, Ocklawaha, for a visit with family. Here, you can buy a pig or a Whoopie Pie, which we still have not tried, insuring our return.

We were extremely pleased to find my Aunt in good spirits and in as good a shape as we have found her since we have been cruising, thanks to the care provided by my Aunt Beverly, occasionally assisted by neighbor Debbie, and frequently fed by dear friend Nancy, a Canadian snowbird. While there we visited numerous retail stores, and even took Aunt Dar shopping, totally impossible during our last visit, cooked numerous meals for the freezer, and enjoyed the Yankee games with Dar and Uncle Bob. We also gave ourselves a tour of the local cemetary, looking unsuccessfully for Ma Barker's grave, since the infamous shootout occurred here. We stopped by and saw Aunt Anita and Uncle Bill, both looking ageless and chipper. We are thinking Ocklawaha should be renamed The Robbins Nest with so many relatives so named being residents.

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