Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Turtle Club

Mr. Parker continued to insist that squalls with wind to 70 knots and west winds would ruin our day, so we took to a marina, only the second time in four years here in the Bahamas. We got our reservation in early so that we could play around before heading into White Sound at Green Turtle, which we prefer to do on a rising tide one hour before high. Despite our call made well in advance to the Green Turtle Club, we got stuck in a slip without a finger pier or enough water for First Edition around low tide. So, if you come here, specify exactly what you want---I don’t know if that will help, but it won’t hurt.

For the month of April both the Green Turtle Club and the Bluff House offer “dining for dockage”. At the GTC, this means any money you spend on food or booze will be applied to your dockage bill. It’s a good deal, as the food here is quite decent, and the dockage is $1.95/foot.

We splashed Free Bird and had a paddle around White Sound. We continue to be impressed with our inflatable kayak, and the quality of the West Marine product seems good.

We dropped $30 for 3 drinks at happy hour so the offset dollars go pretty quickly. We had a great dinner, I had mahi and Peter had filet mignon and at the end of the night we had wiped out our dockage bill for one day.

There’s a great little gift shop here and I managed to walk away with a glass fishing float and a treasure for Willow’s Christmas stocking. If I were cruising next year I would have been able to add some fashion to my wardrobe as well.

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