Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to the US

We hosted Celebrian for a farewell dinner at Manjack and sprung the Breyers out of the freezer for homemade apple pie. In exchange for a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, Rob and Christine agreed to give up the location of the super secret milk conch beach, no longer a secret: located directly across from Manjack on the western shore. The following morning we headed there, and sure enough, loads of pretty little conch partially sanded over, with enough empty so as to not be tempted to haul out the spaghetti pot for a shell boil. We had intended the secret beach to be but the first destination on our lazy cruise of the Northern Abacos. With winds predicted to be mostly easterly less than 10 for the next five days, we hoped to take advantage of this benign weather to explore parts unknown, at least to us.

Our private cruise continued with an evening anchorage at Powell Cay, which we found to yield another endless supply of lightly tinted purple milk conch. Also available during our hunt were mucho West Indian Chanks and a gorgeous candidate for a new conch horn. After a night of a good soak in a bleach mixture, we were rewarded with totally excellent treasures to add to our collection.

Further hopes of shell shopping were dashed the next morning when Parker predicted nothing but north east winds following the harmless cold front on the way. So, we did what we always knew we would do but swore we wouldn’t: cut our tour short and decided to head directly to Vero Beach once we hauled anchor.

And here we are.

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