Monday, April 4, 2011

Around the Whale to Manjack

Conditions at Marsh Harbor took a turn for the worse when forest fires ran rampant from whatever direction the wind was coming from. Several mornings we awoke to dense fog, but worse than Maine fog or Block Island fog, this fog was smoke fog, choking, eye-tearing, soot depositing all over the boats kinda fog. The day after we took a good soaking from rain showers it got even worse, it was a damp smoke fog. That’s when we decided the Whale must be passable. The Parker predicted swells amounted to nothing more than very slight rollers, and with a calm wind, there were many boats going both directions. The Baker’s Bay golf course is now lining the Bay, with verdant manicured greens and sparkling sand traps. The old cruise ship buoys continue to provide confusing navigational aids, many now rusted off down to the waterline.
We found Rob and Christine loaded down with every imaginable shell collected from the unfrequented western shores across from Green Turtle and Manjack, where they rode out the strong westerlies with great comfort, despite the absence of any anchor signs on the Explorer Charts. Imagine that. We hooked up (sic) at the northern tip of Manjack and quickly took off for the ocean reefs which we were able to snorkel with no difficulty in the calm winds. We searched unsuccessfully for shells (of course, Celebrian had been here for a week) but I added handsomely to my sea urchin collection. Yes, I collect them too.
The next day we headed to Crab Cay, where we unpackaged our inflatable two person kayak, purchased for the bargain basement price of $189 from West Marine thanks to our affiliation with The Wise One. Of course, it needed to be named, first Yellow Bird, quickly changed to Free Bird---although not original, it captures the essence of her purpose: hopefully we will never again be stranded without the ability to get to shore should the outboard give up the ghost.

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S/V Veranda said...

Your term "The Parker" cracks me up. Any luck on the reefs east of Manjack?