Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yeah, It's Almost Time

We have been sitting here in Marsh Harbor for way too long. I don’t like it here. The longer we stay, the more I just want to go home. Enough of the beautiful sunsets foretelling signs of nasty weather.

We had planned on a leisurely exit from the Abacos, lots of time at Manjack, up by the Nunjack Rocks, perhaps a visit to Double Breasted, Allans Pensacola, and Powell. The longer the winds blow from the west, the shorter our time will be for our final hunting for shells and sea glass, and now, being March 31st, the lobster season will be over, so my hunter won’t get a final shot at the Bahamian crayfish. We had been thinking we could get out of here Saturday, but now Parker tells us there will be a big swell from the NW, making the Whale passage potentially hazardous. So, we sit, and we wait.

It’s time to go home anyhow. The framing has started on the house. We have run out of the Crystal Lite that I had collected over five winters at home, when I could purchase this easy to store beverage for $1.99, $2 off its summer price tag. When one of my fellow First Aid Squad members gave me some samples of Gillette’s shaving cartridges, I thought surely it was a life time supply---they’re all gone too. I’m reading Facebook entries from cruising friends back in the States, with envy. I’ve waterlogged my camera, and I’m nearly dry on Benefiber, which has contributed to a season of a clog-free toilet. There’s only one $20 phone card left, and my aunt is worried that the Japan tsunami will repeat and is going to sweep us away. I miss my rheumatologist.

When the boat Va Bene put out a call to the harbor for cleaning cartridges for their watermaker, which turned out to be the same as ours, we volunteered to provide them. It was only after the offer was made that we realized it was our last set. Well, we have lots of big kharma “owe-sies” out there for the prop from Synergy, and the ungrounding from Endorphins. Va Bene gifted a bottle of wine to replace the Opus One we gave Chris and Marsha, this one cleverly labeled if not as well aged.

Can't replace the donated cartridges here, have to go home to get em.

Yeah, it’s almost time.

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S/V Veranda said...

I know you're ready to go but drag your feet a bit. T Because up north they're still talking about parts of the thermometer you don't want to think about....