Friday, March 25, 2011

Treasure Cay

We decided to sit out the next of the Bahamian blows at Treasure Cay, the home of one of the world’s ten best beaches according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. During this visit we found the powdery sand, previously groomed to high standards, displaying the unusual-for-here high tide line of dead seaweed, improving the odds for a shell or two. But as in the past, nada.

The previously available mooring have mostly been removed, and those remaining are private. We wedged our way in an already overcrowded anchorage and paid our $10 anchoring fee, for which you get internet, laundry, shower, and pool privileges. A deal as far as we are concerned.

The fantastic market was open this Sunday until at least 1:00, although the bakery was closed. Laundry tokens are $4 each for wash and dry, or you can pay $8 a load for drop off service, with only a tip added for avoiding the self service. We took diesel on the way out at the fuel dock, open from 8 til 1, then 2 to 5, for $5.25 a gallon, but all the water you can take on for free, although we had expected to pay $8 as we had been advised. You must move into the marina dock to take on water if that is all that you require.

Social activities were great, having happy hour with Charisma, a Hylas sister boat, with Steven and Denise, and dinner aboard First Edition with Alan and Gerry from Civil Twilight and the Celebrian crew the next evening.

We entered at high and left at mid tide, and saw no less than 7 ½ feet mid tide.

Be prepared to have many neighbors packed in here, but the holding is great.

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