Friday, March 11, 2011

Short Stop in the Central Exumas

We were one of the few boats that departed Georgetown on Sunday, with most being scaredy cats about the big swells. I was feeling very feline as we were coming through Conch Cut, watching the breakers and counting the time between the rollers coming in, looking more like 6 seconds than 9 to me. Parker at least got the 8 feet right. Except for the one boat calling out “Anybody catching any fish on the Sound?” the VHF was quiet. I wasn’t thinking of fishing. I was thinking of barfing.

A short while later the seas and our stomachs settled a bit so we put out a line. My previously placed order for mahi or yellow fin was repeated. With the exception of numerous well-winded flying fish and a shark that we snagged, First Edition saw no seafood during the voyage.

We ran a great current into Dotham Cut (with Low Tide at the Wide Opening at 1409, we experienced a two + favorable current at around 1445) and we headed for Sampson, where there were 12 boats anchored. The most we had seen previously was maybe six. I went online and bought 24 hours of internet from Exuma Wi Fi, made a few phone calls, and caught up on emails.

The next day we puttered around while I did more internet work, and then refueled at Sampson. While there a woman approached us and told us she had worked our boat while it was in charter in the Virgins, and we chatted a bit about the Jachneys and the size of the hole in the water that First Edition had become since purchase.

We proceeded on to Black Point where Ida at Rockside Laundry greeted us like long lost family, did three loads of laundry, and pondered whether or not we had any “backward” in our pockets.

Before leaving the Exumas, we decided to put together a happy hour with a bunch of people whom we knew, some only sort-a. Nancy and Jim on Solitaire are “old friends” (we met them last year), Robin and Corbett from Cookie Monster are boaters from NJ that for two years we have kept running into but never spent quality time with, and Ginny and Jesse of Wind Dust we had met at a pot luck at Green Turtle last year and became Facebook friends with but hardly knew. It was a good group with lots of yummy nibblies, great laughs and many good friendships in the making. We treated ourselves to one of Nancy’s recently published cookbooks, as we served Bev’s dates stuffed with parmesan and walnuts, a huge hit. Every one is staying put tomorrow, as First Edition heads off to Eleuthera.

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