Friday, March 18, 2011

Most of the boats moved to the Northwest corner of the Rock Sound harbor to get protection from the cold front coming through, and we were fortunate to be anchored beside Endorphins, a 48 foot Tayana carrying Chris and Marsha. Endorphins hails from Annapolis and is one gorgeous gal. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a boat owner is getting on a boat bigger than yours, but I did come away with some excellent decorating ideas for First Edition when she begins her refit over the upcoming year. We enjoyed happy hour aboard Endorphins along with Celebrian, and are happy to consider Chris and Marsha new friends.

The next day we headed back to the town anchorage, and while reading the mail (listening to some one else’s conversation on the VHF radio), discovered that 9 people on 2 boats were planning a meal at Rose’s, a native who serves a buffet style typical Bahamian meal. The cool part of Rose’s is the atmosphere, you enter her restaurant which is in an old house, with sand covering the floors, and a hodge podge of junk that has washed up on her beach. She has a million dollar view waterfront property on which I failed yet again to find a Mary’s Bean.

The Mary’s Bean is a very rare seed, slightly oval and bearing a mark that some see as a cross (thus, named after the Virgin Mary). This bean is said to bring safe childbirth to its owner, and fertility as well. I have desperately been seeking this bean to pass on to my daughter in law, but time is running out. After four years, still no Mary’s Bean.

While at Rose’s I planted a number of heart beans which I hoped would have been found by the teenage girls on Sheet Music, which organized the dinner. Instead, their good ole Dad found one, leaving the others to be found by future hunters unless washed off to sea.

Rose serves a good meal and the coldest beer in the Abacos (being stored in her freezer), but for the second time we found the buffet to be a little skimpy. Rose does come out and volunteer to cook some more when the servings run dry, but by that time you are thinking of getting home before sailor’s midnight. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit and Rose needs help to continue to pay the tuition of her daughter studying at the London School of Economics.

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