Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marsh Harbor and the Arrival of Beth

From Treasure we headed to the armpit of the Abacos, Marsh Harbor. Although you can find 360 protection here, when a front approaches, a scazillion boats head here, put out insufficient scope because it is so crowded, and deep spots are few. But if you like loud music for bedtime accompaniment, you can usually find it here. There are positives, though, like Maxwells, a US style and only slightly more expensive grocery store, and an airport, into which Beth arrives!!!

The Abacos Net is often broadcast from here, at 0815 on channel 68. Barometer Bob provides a weather report, the local enterprises provide their promises, and there is an open mike session for questions and notices of arrivals and departures. It does go on and on, but it is worth a listen.

Beth arrived on time, accompanied by perfect weather, lots of mail, American flags, a new port fan, and licorice for Dad. We are so excited we cannot breathe, and cannot wait to show her all the sites in the Abacos during her too short visit.

Christine and Rob hosted us for hamburgers on her arrival, at the anchorage at Matt Lowe’s, a pretty spot and pretty decent for the SW winds coming in. We walked the private beach, finding abundant tellins, sea biscuits, and a variety of small shells. No one came to chase us, although signs on shore suggested it could have happened.

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To hell with the signs.......reading is overrated