Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Guana Cay

For years we have listened to the Abacos Net (channel 68 at 8:15), and during the “invitation” segment, could barely hear some one from Seaside Village Resort on Guana Cay reporting in with their menu. We decided to finally try them for lunch, seeking out new anchorages to explore. The apparently very successful Bakers Bay development, where for only $550 you can play a round of golf, carts, shoes, and clubs provided, has acquired Seaside as shelter for their staff, so no lunch for us.

Chatting with the employees, we garnered permission to cut through their yard to access the beach and found abundant sea glass and flamingo tongues (a shell), and came away with some treasures.

After enjoying a spectacular full moon ushering in Spring in the Bahamas, the following day we hiked through several less than thriving residential developments and had a long walk, enjoying the bonkers collections and brightly painted homes.
Lunch was at Nippers, the home of toxic Nipper Juice, decent island food, and copious flies swarming over your meal until sterno is placed on the table, miraculously chasing them away to cooler climes.

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