Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to the Abacos

We have a lot of confidence in our Weather Guy, Chris Parker, who each morning except Sundays transmits a synopsis of the weather and the characteristics of the weather in the Bahamas, by region. For a reasonable fee, we have become Sponsors, which entitles us to ask specific questions about the weather or our routing during his broadcasts, which we listen to on SSB 4045 at 0630. We find Chris to be conservative, and if he says it will blow 25, we can count on low 20’s but rarely 25. So, we generally subtract slight margin.

Well, he must have overdosed on his flu medication when he gave the forecast for the day of our ocean crossing from Eleuthera to Little Harbor in the Abacos. We were expecting 10 knots, dropping to 6, but had upper teens on a beat most of the way. The predicted comfortable 4 foot rollers with a ten second interval were hurling at 6 to 8 feet every 4-5 seconds. So we spent over 9 hours speeding over seven knots, occasionally hitting into the low 8’s, and staying put in the cockpit. We had a cleansing gentle rain as we put down the anchor near Lynyard Cay.

The next day we managed to spend my birthday snorkeling Sandy Cay Sea Park, a wonderful gift that finally became available after three years of trying. Calm seas provided excellent visibility, only to find what once must have been a beautiful reef, but now, had turned brown and lifeless. Colorful fish were not abundant, but six spotted rays drifted elegantly by, providing sufficient exhilaration for the outing.

Celebrian provided a splendid birthday dinner accompanied by an unusual conch bowl fashioned by Robare, the artist. (This work of art may be seen at our future home on Mill Creek, and a purchase can be arranged through the writer.)

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