Monday, February 7, 2011


We left Celebrian and Synergy to head to Raccoon, in search of more hunting opportunities and other friends. Upon our arrival, Veranda announced that afternoon’s activity, a co-ed snorkel for shells and lobster. I knew I had to get in the water sooner or later.

Having lost my camera overboard as it slipped from my pocket (the second in this manner I embarrassingly admit), we loaned our underwater case to Christy and Bill who took some masterful shots during our outing. Judy and Christy pointed out millions of tellins and sand dollars, and I dove for only a few, having no bag to collect them in. The Savages found yet another emperor helmet, their second of the season. I had not even heard of them before their first discovery.

While snorkeling the shoreline, Bill pointed out a lobster to Peter. Trying to spear anything in front of Bill is sort of like being the first to tee off at a golf outing in front of a massive crowd of professionals, and, accordingly, Peter took many, many shots before he bagged his first of the day. Not too much time passed before he found his own and speared him. OK, that takes care of dinner.

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