Monday, February 7, 2011

Lobster and the Birthday Thong

One of the reasons folks enjoy the Jumentos so much is the fabulous hunting. While some use fishing rods and dinghy around for their catch, most spear fish or spear lobster. Peter has tried his hand during many runs, and was usually the only hunter returning empty handed. Everyone had their tips for him and various recommendations on different methods. He tried borrowing spears which appeared better than his. He talked to all the successful guys, and finally one took pity on him. Steve on Fine Lion promised him if he came out with him he would catch lobster. So yesterday morning the first lesson was arranged for.

Peter hardly sleeps the night before the lesson. Finally, dawn breaks, and Peter is suited up hours before the planned departure, which eventually arrives. We get to the secret diving hole (more protected than the holy grail) and Steve jumps in the water, and tells Peter, there is lobster here waiting for you. Peter swims over, while I dinghy around and look for sharks. I worry that Peter will spear Steve. Fortunately he doesn’t. But he doesn’t spear anything despite Steve continually pointing directly at the target. After what seems like hours, we move to a different reef.

Steve jumps in the water. He tells Peter they are posing for him. Peter swims over, while I continue to dinghy around and look for sharks, and worry about what is getting speared. Once again, Peter successfully misses Steve but does not hit lobster. We move.

Steve says something like “the Rockettes are lined up”. Peter jumps in the water. I look for sharks. Peter shoots. Steve’s arm raises up from the water with a clenched fist signifying victory. Peter breaks through the water, with the world’s smallest lobster ever clinging for dear life on his spear. But plastered on Peter’s face is the biggest, proudest smile. My hero.

Steve has the patience of Job. And a new title: The Professor.

That afternoon when we arrived at the school lunch, word had already travelled and perfect strangers were congratulating Peter on his success. While all the back slapping was going on, all the food was consumed, so we had a long wait for one of the local women to prepare some baked chicken at her home. Accompanied by Junkanoo champagne and Heineken, the usual good time was had by all. And a picture of the victorious lobster-shrimp spearing master had made its rounds.

On Day Two of successful hunting Peter snagged three lobsters, one slightly larger than his first catch, the second and third constituting the motherload. Every one hunting had a great day, so Savage Son decided to host a lobster grillfest, attended by us and The Professor and his wife, Steve and Kim from Fine Lion. While at Savage Son we took note of all of their lucky talismen, just in time to create an idea for Bob’s birthday the following day.

A friend from Florida, who is a big girl and proud of it, hangs a teeny weeny thong from her clothesline when she does laundry, and everyone gets a big laugh. So I asked my stepmom to pick me up a thong to hang on our lifelines. That joke now having been played out, we sacrificed the thong for Bob’s birthday present, and I sewed on one of our several wishbones, First Edition’s lucky charms.
So in addition to Synergy’s 18 pound catch shared for dinner, everyone had a good chuckle.

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