Thursday, January 27, 2011

We spent several days at South Side Bay, aptly named as it is found on the southern most island, Little Ragged. After several beach walks, I collected about 30 heart beans and 10 hamburgers, half a bag full of tellins, and some additions to the Spirit Tree we will create at our new home in Virginia. The Bahamians are a pious folk, it seems most go to some sort of church and public places are usually closed on Sundays. But it does seem some of the African practices remain, such as Obeah, kinda like a voodoo observance. Outside many homes you will find various objects, usually fishing floats of glass, plastic or styrofoam hung from a tree to please or protect from the spirit world. Our friends on Celebrian started one at their home in Canada, and for the last years I have admired their “bonker” collection, as they refer to it. So, much to the Captain’s chagrin, we have started our own this year, filling the space previously allocated to Willow’s Gracie, the very large Junkanoo turtle that travelled with us all winter in 2010.

Anchored at South Side, you can reach Duncan Town, the only town in the Jumentos, where you can find an internet signal at the All Ages School, which opens its lunch room to the cruisers in exchange for a hoped-for donation. You can also find Maxine’s, where you can purchase yellow broccoli, some good looking grapefruit, or, you might want to place an order by Sunday for mailboat delivery on Wednesday. A pepper, two tomatoes, and three grapefruit summed up to $11.50, and a bag of grapes was $7.50.

The best part of Duncan Town is the “wild” life to be found. Goats are everywhere, and perhaps constitute the occasional dinner, as might the pigs. We were surprised to see peacocks, but not quite as taken back as this goat who thought he would make a new friend. We saw one car, and one truck, this driven by Marvin who gave us a ride two times. Marvin is the son of Percy, the owner of the now shut-down restaurant with a DC-3 mounted on its roof.

The big social event for us here at South Side was the dinghy drift, arranged for one of those warm, calm nights with a full moon. We met the folks on Sam the Skull and Nighthawk, and reconnected with Fine Lion and Sapphire, as well as The Group. Di’s Brownies, Karen’s date bites, and Far Niente’s port were passed. Without being under the influence, I demonstrated the fine art of walking from one dink to another, and upon my return trip, lost my footing and took an unplanned for dip, taking my captain along. I was happy to have provided the evening’s entertainment, as I struggled to regain entry to the dinghy in my little sun dress. Thankfully I wore matching underpants.

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